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Image processing with Node and Jimp LogRocket Blog

image processing in node js

Sharp is a popular Node.js image processing library that supports various image file formats, such as JPEG, PNG, GIF, WebP, AVIF, SVG and TIFF. In this section, you’ll composite sammy-transparent.png over the underwater.png. This will create an illusion of sammy swimming deep in the ocean.

Adding text to an image

The object can also take more options; see the sharp documentation for more details. Now, when you use sharp() to read the image, it creates a sharp instance. You then chain the metadata() method of the sharp module to the instance.

Output – Blurred Image (blur2.jpeg)

  1. Only JPEG pictures can use the mozjpeg property, and only WebP images can use the lossless property.
  2. Fonts in other formats must be converted to .fnt to be compatible with Jimp.
  3. As well as image resizing, operations such asrotation, extraction, compositing and gamma correction are available.
  4. The object has a background property which holds an object defining the RGBA color model.
  5. Then, we chain the sharp module’s grayscale() method to the sharp instance to alter the image’s appearance.

This procedure alters the overall dimensions without cropping or distorting the image. Sharp converts large common image formats to smaller, web-friendly images. Sharp can read JPEG, PNG, WebP, AVIF, TIFF, GIF, and SVG image formats. This module can produce images in JPEG, PNG, WebP, AVIF, and TIFF formats as well as uncompressed raw pixel data.

image processing in node js

Image Manipulation Methods (Default Plugins)

Create a folder called node-image-magick following the steps in the previous section, install the ImageMagick module via npm and create an index.js file. Image processing is one such task that can benefit from parallel execution. In this article, we’ll explore how to leverage Node.js’ worker_threads module to process https://traderoom.info/10-best-node-js-image-manipulation-libraries-in/ images asynchronously, improving performance and responsiveness. In our example, we use the blur() method of the sharp module to apply a Gaussian blur to the image. This technique uses the Gaussian function to give the pixels at the edge of the image less weight, resulting in reduced image detail and image noise.

image processing in node js

Setting up a sharp image project

High performance Node.js image processing, the fastest module to resize JPEG, PNG, WebP, AVIF and TIFF images. The rotateImage() function is an asynchronous function https://traderoom.info/ that reads an image and will return the image rotated to an angle of 33 degrees. Within the function, the rotate() method of the sharp module takes two arguments.

Using NodeJS Jimp

If instead, you want to use ImageMagick, you need to install the ImageMagick CLI tool. Before installing either of these packages, you have to download and install the command-line interface (CLI) tools on your system.

Jimp.AUTO can be passed as the value for the height or width and the image will be resized accordingly while maintaining aspect ratio. You cannot pass Jimp.AUTO as the value for both height and width. Sharp does not currently have a method for adding text to an image. However, as a workaround, we can draw text using SVG and then use the composite() method to add the text image to the original image. For more insight into additional sharp methods, visit the sharp documentation.

After the image is blurred, you define a path to save the blurred image. In this step, you will crop an image, and convert it to grayscale. Cropping is the process of removing unwanted areas from an image. You’ll use the extend() method to crop the sammy.png image.

The method returns an object containing the image metadata, which you store in the metadata variable and log its contents using console.log(). To extract the metadata, you’ll first import the sharp module, create an instance of sharp, and pass the image path as an argument. After that, you’ll chain the metadata() method to the instance to extract the metadata and log it into the console. JIMP, also known as JavaScript Image Manipulation Program, is an image processing library for Node written in JavaScript with no other dependency.

The sammy-resized-compressed.jpeg is now 4 kilobytes down from 8 kilobytes, saving you 4 kilobytes, showing that the compression worked. The GraphicsMagick module has extensive documentation on more options for manipulating images. However, you can force the module to resize to the given width and height by using the !

We chain the flop() method to the sharp instance to flop the image over the y-axis. We chain the flip() method to the sharp instance to flip the image over the x-axis. We use the metadata() function to extract the image metadata. We save the metadata variable and log to the terminal using console.log(). In this tutorial, we’ll analyze and modify an image using the sharp Node.js library. The only prerequisite for this tutorial is a system set up with Node.js and npm.

Finally, you used the composite() method to composite an image, and add text on an image. In this tutorial, we reviewed how to use the sharp library to process images in Node.js. We used the grayscale(), tint(), rotate(), resize(), crop(), blur(), sharpen(), flip(), and flop() methods to alter the image’s appearance, style, and shape. We extracted the image metadata using the metadata() method.

The second argument is an optional object containing output options that enhance and compress the image. The cropImage() function converts the cropped image to grayscale by chaining the sharp module’s grayscale() method to the sharp instance. It then saves the image in the project directory as sammy-cropped-grayscale.png. After resizing the image, you chain the sharp module’s toFile() method, which takes the image path as an argument.


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